Wanna Peek Under the Covers?

It’s that time again. Cover art that just makes you want to read the book. Here’s the covers of four new books and why I like them.

The Guardian’s Destiny (2015 Daily Dose – Never Too Late)

by Fil Preis (artwork by Catt Ford):

The Guardian's Destiny cover art

Nice art. The models are attractive, and you get a sense of what the story is going to involve. Maybe a bit too much blue and green, but I still like it.


by Suki Fleet (artwork by Reese Dante)

Falling cover art

Greyscale always appeals to me. And I love the sense of motion and the implications of learning to trust. Nicely done.

Blowing Off Steam

by Joy Lynn Fielding (artwork by Amy Sherwood)

Blowing Off Steam cover art

This one gets me in part because I really like trains. And leather jackets. And stubble. If I saw this in a store, I would definitely pick it up and head for the cashier.

Caught! (The Shamwell Tales Book 1)

by JL Merrow (artwork by Kanaxa)

Caught! cover art

This one is probably my favorite. Sexy guy with a nerdy bowtie, startled deer-in-the-headlamps look, I just love it!

So there you have it: four of my favorite new book covers. Do you have any new favorites? Let me know in the comments. Now please excuse me, I need to read.

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