Pirated eBooks

One thing my CMS software lets me do is see what search terms led people to this site. I’ve noticed that a few (not many, but enough) come here looking for free versions of recently published books. Frequently on the day of publication. I do occasionally offer links to books on legitimate sites that are free. These are usually temporary price cuts by the author or publisher in order to get people to try an author’s  book. I haven’t, and won’t, link to anything that I think are pirated ebooks.

This is something I feel strongly about. Writers need the commissions from legitimate sales of their works. They deserve them, and have earned them. In fact, if we readers want good M/M fiction, then we need to encourage it through purchasing the books we like. I know it can get expensive. I see books everyday that I’d buy if I had the money. Unfortunately, I have to be pretty selective. Fortunately, the prices for individuals aren’t that bad (you should see what I have to pay for ebooks for our library from some publishers!). The way I see it, that helps me support the writers I really like and want to see more from. That’s why you won’t see links here to questionable sites, only legitimate sites for the publishers, booksellers, or authors themselves.

And that’s today’s public service announcement.

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