Looking for Gay Shapeshifter Fiction?

One of the longest-running and hottest subgenres in M/M paranormal fiction isn’t vampires. It’s the were creatures. Whether werwolves, or guys who shift into horses, it’s a really popular subject. Here’s some books you might want give a look to!

Northern Shifters series, by Joely Skye:

  • Marked (2008), available in paper and ebook
  • Feral (2010), available in paper and ebook
  • Lynx (2010), available in paper and ebook
  • Running Wild (2013), available in paper and ebook

From G. A. Hauser:

  • Of Wolves and Men (2011), in paper and ebook
  • The Order of Wolves (2011), in paper and ebook

A Very Male Shifter Christmas (2012), by Zach Collins, Shelby Lynn and Rae Brewer (paper, ebook).

Secret Chemistry (2013), by Chris T. Kat (paper, ebook).

Static (2011), an award-winning book by L. A. Witt (paper, ebook).

I’ll admit, a lot of shifter stories are mind-candy. But sometimes that’s what you want, and it doesn’t mean they aren’t well-written books. Historical fiction remains my favorite, but I like shifter fiction a lot, too.

Have a favorite shifter book or author? Let me know in the comments!

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