Wes and Kit

Wes and Kit is a short book, more of a novella. It seems almost like it was written just for me. I enjoy steampunk, mysteries, and gay romance! I’m not familiar with the author, Hollis Shiloh, but I’m glad to know he (?) has more than one title out there. … Continue reading

Scrap Metal (review)

What would you give up for your family? After the tragic deaths of his mother and older brother, Nichol Seacliff abandons his exciting new life in the city, his university studies, and his promising future to return to Arran and help his grandfather run the family’s isolated, failing sheep farm. … Continue reading

City of Jade (Review)

Gallienus is a former imperial soldier, set to guard the walls of Constantinople after being wounded in battle. Feeling “put out to pasture,” he’s not the happiest of men. Restless, dissatisfied and lonely, he’s ready for a change.¬†Misahuen is a refugee from war in Korea. Turned caravan guard to see … Continue reading